Tamil Nadu Kaveri Pushkaralu 2017 Places, Pushkar Ghats, Temples

Kaveri Pushkaralu in Tamil Nadu : Ghats, Places, Temples, Kaveri Pushkar Ghats in Tamil Nadu and other details for Tamil Nadu Cauvery Pushkaralu 2017 given below
Tamil Nadu Kaveri Pushkaram 2017: Pushkar Ghats, Places, Temples
Kaveri Pushkaram dates has announced by Tamil Nadu State Government, which is being organized on a large scale for the first time in the Tamil state . The Pushkaram (Mahapushkaralu) starting from 12th September 2017. Kaveri Pushkaram is Hindus festival of river Kaveri which normally occurs once in 12 years. The pushkar is observed for period of 12 days from the time of entry of Jupiter into Libra.

Pushkaram is an Indian festival dedicated to worshiping of 12 sacred rivers. The  celebration happens annually one in 12 years along each river. Each river is associated with a Zodiac sign and river for each years festival is based on which sign Brihaspati-Jupitar is in at the time. It is believed that bathing in sacred river during Pushkar cleanses the devotees of their sings. Kaveri is one of the 12 scared rivers the Kaveri Pushkar take place one every 12 years,when the Jupiter is in the Libra sign.

About Tamil Nadu Kaveri Pushkaram 2017

Tamil Nadu is one of the 29th states of India.Its capital and largest city is chennai. The state lies in the southernmost part of the Indian peninsula and is bordered by the union territory and puducherry and the south Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Tamil Nadu is the eleventh largest state in India by area and the sixth-most populous. The state was rranked-most populous.

The river enters Tamil Nadu through Dharmapuri district leading to the flat plains where it meanders . It drops into the Hogenakkal falls just before it arrives in the town of Hogenakkal in Tamil Nadu. The three minor tributaries palar, chennar and thoppar enter into the kaveri. If then flows further through the length of Eride district where the river Bhavani running through the breadth of district merges it.   

The cauvery is a large Indian river and origin of the river is Talakaveri, Kodagu in Karnataka. The river leaves the Kodagu Hills and flows onto Deccan Plateau, it forms two Islands Mandya districts Srirangapatna and Shivanasamudra. First comes the srirangapatna which forms the Sangam and then comes shivanasamudra. Kaveri Pushkaram is Hindus festival of river Krishna which normally occurs once in 12 years. The pushkar is observed for period of 12 days from the time of entry of Jupiter into  Libra (Tula Rasi).
Kaveri Pushkaralu 2017 Places in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu state government want to take the river festival a memorable event, officials said.  The Tamil government have reportedly focused on the arrangements of the same are various districts, which are likely to witness the festive look. The main places of 

Mettur, Salem District 

Bhavani , Thirunana

Pallipalayam, Namakkal

Erode, Erode District

Kodumudi, Erode District

Velur, Namakkal


Thiruvaiyaru, Thanjavur

Swamimalai, Thanjavur

Kumbakonam, Thanjavur

Poompuhar / puhar Nagapattinam District

Kaveri Pushkaralu 2017 Pushkar Ghats  in Tamil Nadu

The Kaveri Pushkaralu is a festival, which occurs for once in 12 years government of Tamil Nadu are planning heavy preparation for construction of pushkara ghats and promissing better and good connectivity for devotees during the pushkaram, so as to reduce the rush pilgrims.  

Karnataka Kaveri Pushkaralu 2017 Famous Temples

Pushkaram is a holy festival that celebrated once in every 12 years at each of 12 major rivers of India, the Kaveri is one among them. The celebrations include reverence of ancestors, spiritual discourses , devotional music and cultural programmes.

Kaveri Pushkaralu in Karnataka 2017 Pushkar Ghats, Places, Temples

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