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Maharashtra Bhima Pushkaralu 2018 : Pushkar Ghats, Places, Temples

Maharashtra Bhima Pushkaralu 2018 , Bhima Pushkaram in Maharashtra :  Dates, Places, Pushkar Ghats, Temples, Pooja Online Booking,  Pooja Prices and other information is given below

Bhima Pushkaram 2018, Maharashtra Bhima Pushkaralu 2018, Bhima Pushkaralu in Maharashtra, Pushkar Ghats in MaharashtraMaharashtra Bhima Pushkaralu 2018 dates has been announced by Maharashtra State Government, which is being organized on a large scale for the first time in the state of Maharashtra. Bhima Pushkaralu marks the time during which water from 12 holy rivers is divinely mixed with river Bhima Pushkar. The Bhima River is a major river in Western India and South India. It flows southeast for 861 kilometres (535 mi) through Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Telangana states, before entering the Krishna River. Among the several hundreds of rivers flowing throughout the length and breadth of our country. River Bhima / Bhimarathi holds a prominent place in mind and heart.

Maharashtra Bhima Pushkaram 2018 Dates

Pushkaram or Pushkaralu (in Telugu) ,Pushkara or Pushkar (Sanskrit word) is an Indian festival dedicated to worshiping of rivers.

In astrology also we find a reference to the word pushkara refered to as pushkara Navama that purifies and nourishes the quality of the planet within it. In electional  astrology especially for a marriage muhurtham we find preference being given langa that brings strengths to the muhuratha chart.Pushkar is the none of a famous pilgrim centers known as pushkara is name of famous pilgrim centers known as pushkara kashetra is located in Rajesthan about 7 km from Ajmer city. It is said and belived that the take here known as pushkara lake was the creation of lord Brahma on the banks of which he performed penance for several thousands of years. You will find  here one of  very few temples where lord Brahma is worshiped pushkara or pushkaram is festival of particular river celebrated once in 12 years based on the transits of Jupitar (Brihaspathi) in the Zodic Sign.

Bhima Pushkaram is Hindus festival of river Bhima which normally occurs once in 12 years. The pushkar is observed for period of 12 days from the time of entry of Jupiter into Vrishchika rashi or Scorpio. This year Bhima Pushkaralu starts on 12th, October, 2018 And ending on 23rd, October, 2018.  Bhima Pushkaram celebrations include reverence of ancestors, spiritual discourses, devotional music and cultural programmes. Check latest updates of  Maharashtra Bhima Pushkaralu 2018

 Event Name  Bhima Pushkaram 2018
Country Name India
Starting Date of Celebrations  12th, October,2018
Ending Date of Celebrations  23rd, October,2018
Location Bhima River
Participating States Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana States
Bhima Pushkara Muhurtham  7:18 PM, 11th, October,2018

Pushkar Ghats in Maharashtra

The Bhima Pushkaram is an river festival, which occurs for once in 12 years,  when the Jupiter is in the Scorpio sign  Thousands of people dive in to take a bath as worship. Bhima Pushkaralu marks the time during which water from 12 holy rivers is divinely mixed with river Bhima. Among the several hundreds of rivers flowing throughout the length and breadth of our country.

The banks that come across the Bhima River are called as Pushkara Ghats. Government of Maharashtra are planning heavy preparation for construction of pushkara ghats and promissing better and good connectivity for devotees during the pushkaram, so as to reduce the rush pilgrims.

Pimpalgaon Tarf Khed, Pune District

Nashik, Maharashtra

Pandharpur, Solāpur District


Nasrapur, Pune District

Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune

Kurvande, Lonavla

Gatha Temple, Pune

Alandi, Pune

Tulapur, Pune

Vadhu Budruk, Pune

Koregaon Bhima,  Shirur Taluka

Vitthalwadi, Shirur Taluka

Talegaon Dhamdhere, Pune 

Parodi, Pune

Ranjangaon Sandas

Alegaon Paga

Shani Shingnapur (Sonai), Ahmadnagar

Nira Narsingpur,  Indapur taluka

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Maharashtra Bhima Pushkaralu 2018 : Temples

Bhimashankar Temple, Pune

shree siddhivinayak mandir / Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

Vithoba Temple, Pandharpur

Mahalakshmi Temple, Mumbai

Mhasoba Temple

Baneshwar Temple, Nasarapur

Mahabaleshwar Temple

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Maharashtra Bhima Pushkaralu 2018 Pooja Online Booking

Bhima Pushkaralu in Maharashtra-2018, millions of devotees take a dip in river Bhima, during the first 12 days of festival for they would be relieved from all sins. Large number of pilgrims, arrive from all over India to have a holy dip at the Bhima several rituals and poojas will be conducted on the banks and in the temples across the various ghats  of the river.  

Poojas conducted in Presence of the Person on Ghats:

Mahasankalpam : Mahasankalpam is appeasing and praying pitru devatas by chanting their names and gotras for removing our birth bad karmas and sins.

Laghusankalpam: Laghusankalpam is taking a dip in holy river by uttering our names and gotras to get favours from deities in present birth life.

Sariganga Snanam: Sariganga Snanam is taking bath in holy river during pushkara period for better family life, seeking good children and better relations between wife and husband.

Prayaschittam: Prayaschittam is a type of confession according to Hindu mythology. It is observed by women to get rid of their sin or known or unknown mistakes if they mate with men during menusration perid.

Gouri Pooja: Gouri Pooja is conducted by Hindu devotees at holy riverside to please goddess gauri which is also known as kumkumarchana.

Ganga Pooja: In pushkara period, all rivers waters mix with Bhima water, so ganga pooja is conducted to appease all deities at once.

Musivayanam: Musivayanam is an important and compulsory religious dharma in Hindu community in which a sumangali is respected and offered with gifts when a woman dies and her husband is alive. It is for attaining salvation for that woman.

Pindapradanam: Pindapradanam is the most important program during pushkara period observed by Hindus to offer pindas to their nearest 34 relatives and family members who are dead. There is a belief that this ritual provides salvation after their death and they can reach to good lokas and get ultimate moksha.

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