Telangana Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 Dates, Places, Pushkar Ghats, Temples

TS Telangna Krishna Pushkaram : Dates, Places, Ghats and Temples for Krishna Pushkaralu in Telangana, Pushkar Ghats in Nalagonda & Mahabubnagar districts

Telangana Krishna Pushkaram 2016 Dates, Ghats, Temples, Places
Krishna pushkaralu in Telangna

Telangana Krishna Pushkaralu dates has been announced by Telangana State Government, which is being organized on a large scale for the first time in the newly formed state of Telangana. The Krishna Pushkaram (Mahapushkaralu) starting from 12th August 2016. The pushkaram will conducted Mahabubnagar and Nalagonda districts. The official pegged the estimation at Rs 825.16 crore for all arrangements. According to sources, large chunk of funds will go to laying roads in the two districts.

About Krishna Pushkaram

Pushkaram is an Indian festival dedicated to worshiping of 12 sacred rivers. The  celebration happens annually one in 12 years along each river.Each river is associated with a Zodiac sign and river for each years festival is based on which sign Brihaspati-Jupitar is in at the time. It is believed that bathing in sacred river during Pushkaram cleanses the devotees of their sins. Krishna is one of the 12 scared rivers the Krishna Pushkaram take place one every 12 years,when the Jupiter is in the Virgo sign.

About Telangna State

Telangna is one of the 29 states in India is the south country. It was formed on 2 June 2014, enforcing Andhra Pradesh reorganization Act 2014, with the city of Hyderabad as it capital. Telangna is bordered the states of Maharashtra to the North and North West chhattisgarh  to the North, Karnataka to the West and Andhra Pradesh to the East  and South.  
TS Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 Pushkara Dates

Krishna Pushkaram is Hindus festival of river Krishna which normally occurs once in 12 years. The pushkaram is observed for period of 12 days from the time of entry of Jupiter into Virgo.

Starting Date
12 August 2016
Ending Date
23 August 2016
Celebrating Days
12   Days

Telangna Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 Pushkara Places

This is the first Krishna Pushkarams in the newly formed state  and the government want to take the river festival a memorable event ,officials said. The Krishna river goes thorough only Nalagonda and Mahboobnagar districts in state of Telangna. 

Places in Nalgonda District 

Nagrajuna Sagar,  Wadapally in Domaracharla mandal, Mattapally and apart from 5 places for mellacheruvu mandal, Utlapally in Peddavura Mandal, Adavidevulapally in Domaracharla, Mahankaligudem in Nereducharla 

Places in Mahbubnagar District

Jurala, Beechupalli, Rangapur, Alampur, Nadi Agraharam, Chintarevula, Nandimalla (Narayanapet), Krishna, Pasupula and Panchadev Padu (MAKTAL), Chellepad (Weepanagandla), Jataprole (Weepanagandla), Somasila (Kollapur), Malleswaram, Manchalakatta, Lingala

Telangna Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 Pushkara  Ghats

The Krishna Pushkaralu is a festival, which occurs for once in 12 years government Andhra Pradesh are planning heavy preparation for construction of pushkara ghats and promissing better and good connectivity for devotees during the pushkaram, so as to reduce the rush pilgrims

The telangna Government set up 34 pushkar ghats in Nalgonda district and 60 pushkar ghats in Mahbubnagar district for krishna pushkaralu

Pushkar Ghats in Nalgonda District

 Pushkar Ghat  Name
Kasarajpally  Ghat
Kasarajpally Village, Chandampet Mandal
Pedda Munigal  Ghat
Pedda Munigal  Village, Chandampet Mandal
Azmapuram  Ghat
Azmapuram Village,  P.A Pally Mandal
Shivalayam  Ghat
Shivalayam  Temple, Peddavoora Mandal
Hanuman Temple Ghat
Near  R& B Bridge, Chinthala palem , Peddavoora Mandal
Pottichelama  Ghat
Nagarjuna Sagar
Kistapuram Ghat
Kistapuram, Mellacheruvu
Buggamadaram  Ghat
Buggamadaram, Mellacheruvu
Vajjnepally  Ghat
Vajjnepally, Mellacheruvu
Mahankaligudem  Ghat
 Mahankaligudem, Nereducherla Mandal
Prahalada  Ghat
 Mattampally Mandal
Balaji Ghat-1
Mattampally Mandal
Balaji Ghat-2
Mattampally Mandal
Balaji Ghat-3
Mattampally Mandal
Markendeya  Ghat
Mattampally Mandal
Adavidevulapally  Ghat
Adavidevulapally, Damaracherla  Mandal
Mudhimanikyam  Ghat
Mudimanikyam,  Damaracherla  Mandal
Ayyappa Temple Ghat
Ayyappaswamy Temple, Wadapally, Damaracherla  Mandal
Old Cement Road Ghat
Old Cement Road, Wadapally, Damaracherla  Mandal
Mudhiraj Rev Ghat
Mudhiraj  Rev,  Wadapally, Damaracherla  Mandal
Old Police Station Ghat
Old Police Station Road,  Wadapally, Damaracherla  Mandal
Metlarevu Ghat
Metlarevu, Wadapally, Damaracherla  Mandal
Laxmipuram Ghat
Laxmipuram, Wadapally, Damaracherla  Mandal
Shivalayam Ghat
Shivalayam, Wadapally, Damaracherla  Mandal
Shivalayam VIP  Ghat
Shivalayam, Wadapally, Damaracherla  Mandal
Sri  Laxmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Ghat
 Narasimha Swamy Temple,  Wadapally, Damaracherla  Mandal
Chaya  Someshwara  Temple Ghat
Chaya  Someshwara  Alayam, Panagal, Nalgonda
Crocodile Zone / Deyyalagandi Ghat
Dharveshipuram / Dhareshpoor  Ghat
Dhareshpoor Village, Kanagal Mandal
Kanagal Vagu Ghat
Kanagal Mandal

Pushkar Ghats in Mahbubnagar Districts

Ghat Name
Krishna Ghat
Krishna (R & B), Maganoor Mandal
Gudeballur Ghat
Gudebullur (Krishna Road Bridge), Maganoor
Pasupala Ghat
Pasupala Village, Maktal Mandal
Panchadevpahad Ghat
Panchadevpahad Village, Maktal Mandal
Parevula Ghat
Parevula Village, Maktal Mandal
Anuqonda Ghat
Anuqonda Village, Maktal Mandal
Musalaipally Ghat
Musalaipally Village, Maktal Mandal
Mula Malla Ghat
Mulamalla Village, Atmakur Mandal
Jurala Ghat
Jurala Village, Atmakur Mandal
Nandimalla Ghat
Nandimalla, Jurala Dam site, Atmakur Mandal
Kathepalle Ghat
Kathepally Village, Atmakur Mandal
Arepalle Village, Atmakur Mandal
Nettempadu Ghat
Nettempadu Village, Dharur Mandal
Revulapally Ghat
Revulapally Village, Dharur Mandal
Pedda chintharevula Ghat
 Pedda chintharevula Village, Dharur Mandal
Uppair Ghat
 Uppair Village, Dharur Mandal
Nadi Agraharam Ghat
Nadi Agraharam Village, Gadwal Mandal
Beerelly Ghat
Beerelly  Village, Gadwal Mandal
Jammiched Ghat
 Jammiched Village, Gadwal Mandal
Maramunagala Ghat
Maramunagala Village, Alampur Mandal
Kyathur Ghat
Kyathur Village, Alampur Mandal
Gondimalla Ghat
Gondimalla Village, Alampur Mandal
Jetprole Ghat
Jetprole Village, Weepangandla Mandal
Bekkem Ghat
Bekkem Village, Weepangandla Mandal
Beechupally Ghat
Beechupally Village, Itikyal Mandal
Rangapuram Ghat
Rangapuram, Krishna Road Bridge NH44, Pebbair Mandal
Mungaman Dinne Ghat
Mungaman Dinne Village, Pebbair Mandal
Gummadam Ghat
Gummadam Village, Pebbair Mandal
Patala Ganga Ghat
Patala Ganga , Srisailam Dam Site, Amrabad
Manchala Katta Ghat
Manchalakatta Village, Kollapur Mandal
Malleshwaram Ghat
Malleshwaram Village, Highlevel, Kollapur Mandal
Somasila- General Ghat
Somasila Village, Kollapur Mandal
Somasila Village, Kollapur Mandal
Veltoor Ghat
Veltoor Village, Weepangandla Mandal
Ayyavaripally Ghat
Ayyavari Pally, Pebbair Mandal

Telangna Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 Temples

 Pushkaram is a holy festival that celebrated once in every 12 years at each of 12 major rivers of India, the Krishna is one among them. The celebrations include reverence of ancestors, spiritual discourses , devotional music and cultural programmes

Temples in Mahbubnagar District

Jogulamba Temple, Alampur

Anjaneya Swamy Temple , Beechupally

Jagadguru Sri Dattatreya Maha Samathana Peetham, Pasupula, Makthal

Sri Lalitha Someswara Swamy Temple, Somasila Village, Somasila Mandal

Sri Madhavaswamy Temple, Kollapur

Temples in  Nalgonda District  

Sri Meenakhi Agastheswarw Swamy Temple, Wadapally 

Sri Laxmi Narsimha swamy  Temple, Wadapally

Kanaka Durga Temple, Nalgonda 

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